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I’m a Senior Product Designer at Measured with a multidisciplinary international background based in the sunny Bay Area, CA.
This is my story — I was born in a small town on the river...
Wait, let's start from my professional experience first and maybe then I will tell you a funny life story.
Oct 2022 - Now
Oct 2017 - Oct 2022
Apr 2013 - Sep 2017
Jul 2012 - Feb 2013
Sep 2009 - May 2012

Creating a system

🌕 Oct 2022 - Now

For the last year, I've been creating something huge for Measured.com — the leading measurement and optimization platform for connecting media to business outcomes. Initially, I came to the company to create a design system, but two months later I was already actively designing a new product! Click on the button below and I will tell you a lot of interesting things.

Current achievements and responsibilities:
  • Created the first version of the design system from scratch in 2 months and continue to actively improve it every day.
  • Made a great contribution to the hiring of the first designers and the formation of a design team in the company.
  • Developed the UI/UX of a new product feature from scratch in close collaboration with PMs and engineers, and also actively participated in similar tasks helping other designers.
  • Constantly implement best design practices and conduct in-house training for designers (Figma, Design Systems, Wireframing, Prototyping).
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The First of its Kind

🌕 Oct 2017 - Oct 2022

For over 5 years I had been working on Odus.AI — an AI-based conversational chatbot platform. This platform became the first visual chatbot builder on the market, the first of its kind among AI bot platforms. I was one of its founders and was responsible for UX/UI design, user research and team management. I managed a team of 7 people and 3 outsourcers.
Start Point
Starting this project, we knew almost nothing about the industry, but the team that we were had a lot of experience in related fields. Therefore, first of all, I began to study the market, competitors, technologies and tools available at that time.
Divide & Conquer
Research was a two pronged approach:
Сompetitive Analysis: Identify what we must have, and how we can differentiate Odus by researching the top 3 competitors currently in the market.
Customer Development: Ensure we solve the user's problem for both sides - developers and customers by having conversations with 20 individuals (devs, managers, users). Through both research methods, two threads emerged: accessibility and efficiency. This opportunity guided our design decisions.
First Steps
Having studied the results of the research, we came to the conclusion that it is necessary to create the simplest possible interface. At the same time, the developer should be able to create a powerful chatbot that will really benefit its users. Our team developed a powerful software solution that I had to wrap in a simple and understandable interface.

My design process:
Design processPersonas
Odus website prototype
Odus website prototype
Odus website prototype
High-detailed prototypes of the main pages and core interactions.
Odus dashboard
Dashboard with your chatbots and stats.
Odus onboarding
Introduction. The onboarding process for new users.
Odus dialogue builder UI
The main area where chatbots are created.
Odus Comments for developers
After all layouts are ready, we need to add comments for developers.
Odus Design System
Odus Design System: I developed a design system because several people worked on the project and we outsourced part of the front-end work.
Wrap Up!
During the first year after the launch, the platform attracted 2500+ businesses and 10000+ chatbots were created. To be completely honest, I have to state that the UI has been constantly refined and improved over the two years. As a result of this small venture, the startup was sold to a large technology company.
Odus results

Shared knowledge

Became a Speaker
I have also been an active speaker throughout my career and when I work for Odus in particular. If you are interested in this part of my experience, then below you will find several links to articles and interviews. Unfortunately, I can't post the recording of the workshops, because this is commercial information. But I'm ready to conduct a workshop in your company, if you don't mind!
Helped find the Way
I want to pay special attention to my mentorship. While I was working at Odus, the founder of Onollo approached me with a request to become their advisor. They used AI in their software and I shared my expertise. Onollo was successfully sold in 2022.
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Lots of Practice

🌕 Apr 2013 - Sep 2017

Before founding Odus, I worked for two agencies within 4 years where I worked on many different projects as a product manager and designer.

For example, as a product manager I contributed 10+ big projects of chatbots for large Russian companies such as Synergy, Alfa-Bank, Russian School of Management, and others that attracted 50.000+ users in total. I conducted workshops on development and marketing. Also, as a product designer I was responsible for UIs for a big site for job searches GorJob.ru, and improved user engagement – from 12 up to 18 pages per visit.

But first of all I want to pay attention to an unusual and complex project. I was lucky to work on adapting the site of Wikimart for a touch trading terminal. Wikimart was a huge online retailer in Russia like Amazon in the US. Unfortunately, due to a bad business environment, this project went bankrupt and closed. But let's not talk about sad things, let's talk about the challenge that fate has prepared for me...
Starting the project, our team already had a partially updated design of the company's main website. I was faced with the task of redesigning the terminal based on an already existing design system.
Finger instead of Сursor
To understand how the user behaves using the terminal on the trading floor, we invited a focus group of 10 people of different ages and physiques to create persons. The result — the main problem in working with the UI was the size of buttons and text links.
Ten Iterations
In order to find the best version of the interface, I had to create 10 different versions and conduct A/B testing. The main focus was on the homepage and category navigation, since terminals are mostly used by new customers and first impressions are very important.
Personas Wikimart
Wikimart prototypes Homepage
Wikimart UI
Detailed prototypes and design system.
Wikimart homepage
Final homepage with categories and popular goods.
Wikimart product page
Product page: tabs with information about the item.
Ready to use!
The new interface was launched on all terminals in the company's shopping centers. This allowed us to increase the number of new customers per month by 10.52% and increased the average check by 18.67%. The main conclusion: The closer a touch interface resembles objects from the real world, the easier it is to use. In particular, this applies to controls. The fewer small elements, the better. Especially text links — a very unfortunate solution.

New Frontiers

🌕 Jul 2012 - Feb 2013

Before I started working with various agencies and external clients, I worked for a TOP 3 tech company in Russia called Mail.Ru Group, now better known as VK after they acquired the company of the same name. I only worked there for a year, but it was my first unique experience in a company of this size.

About the project: Our team consisted of 6 people, 3 developers and 3 designers. I completely redesigned the UI of the games section and the news feed for the My World (Moi Mir) social network in about 6 months. Although this project was completed many years ago, they still use the design framework I created. Unfortunately, I have not preserved the more materials, and besides, I am forbidden to upload them. So let's move on to the next big project. It's also my first big startup.

It Was Before Uber

🌕 Sep 2009 - May 2012

I started this project after I got tired of being a just freelancer. Yes, this may sound strange now. But Taxofly was created before Uber was born in its current form. In this project, I was involved in everything related to the product - UI, analysis, customer research, and designing the product structure from scratch.
From Scratch
I started this project with my friends when I was still at university. We wanted to disrupt the market for ordering a taxi. Our team had talented developers and a poor understanding of the industry. But this didn't stop us and we began to study business processes.
Amazing and Incredible
At the time, such a concept seemed unbelievable. There is no competition - it is impossible to peep how they do it. Therefore, our analysis consisted in studying the principles of taxi operation and a broad analysis of audience preferences.

Customer Development: We called 15 taxi operators and 50 potential customers. It is necessary to determine the preferences of both parties in order for the platform to work correctly. We've found that the speed and ease of use of our apps are critical for customers and taxi operators.
This means that the UI should contain minimum elements, and the ordering process should contain as few steps as possible. I developed prototypes and UI for the site, mobile applications for drivers and customers, as well as a web interface for dispatchers. At that time, early Android smartphones and classic phones with Java applications were popular. Therefore, we were very limited in technical terms.

I created and redesigned the UI many times because I was constantly in touch with customers and drivers. They told us what they liked and didn't like, and I worked with the developers on the feature roadmap and interface redesign. This endless process lasted until the sale of the company in 2012.

US Patent US20120084225A1
Personas Taxofly
Taxofly prototypes mobile app
Detailed prototypes and user flow.
The process from registration to the trip took 3 screens: Registration, filling in the address, and choosing a car. The prototypes above reflect all states, including intermediate ones, and show the user flow for all sections of the client application.
Taxofly Android app UI
Android app: Steps to order a taxi.
Taxofly website
The company website with info for clients, drivers and partners.
Taxofly java app for mobile phones
The first and only application for ordering a taxi online on Java phones in the world.
Flying high
After many iterations, we managed to win the hearts of clients throughout Russia and neighboring countries. In total, the service was present in 28 cities. The average time for ordering a taxi is 37 seconds from the moment of registration in the application. Shortly after I left the company, it was sold to an American investor and then acquired by a competitor. A good ending to such an exciting journey, I suppose.

In conclusion, I'd like to say...

I'm a graphic designer since 2007 turned entrepreneur turned product designer. Business has taught me to look at problems from different angles and be stress resistant. My unique background in product design and business development enables me to thrive in complex spaces, connect the dots, and lead cross-functional teams toward a shared vision. I like to work on complex tasks and achieve real results. Sometimes the best design is no design, so I always create clear design systems that can be used in the future by colleagues not originally involved in the development.

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Alexey Chernyshev

Some other projects...

That funny life story

I wanted to tell you a story, so here it is. I'm a car and motorcycle enthusiast, so I often get into funny stories. I once built the 1988 BMW E30 you see in the photo. At all car festivals, people came up and asked me "What kind of muffler is installed on this car? Sounds very cool!". It's funny because that was nothing installed there. We just installed a big straight pipe! Cheap and beautiful.

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